Ancelotti Sees No Reason Why They Cannot Win

Carlo Ancelotti doesn’t see any reason why his team Real Madrid would not manage to win the Champions League trophy for the second time in a row.
Madrid had won the Champions League last season by beating Atletico Madrid by 4-1.
Since the revamp of the tournament, there hasn’t been any team which has won the Champions League for two successive years.
When the tournament was played as European Cup before the nineties, then a few teams had done that. The last one to do that was AC Milan and that AC Milan squad had Ancelotti in it as a player.
Now, the Italian has the chance to do that as manager and he sounded pretty hopeful in his interview yesterday.
The 55-year old said, “It’s something that no side’s been able to do ever and it’s not going to be easy for us either. But, what’s good is that we are very confident about ourselves at the moment and that’s because we have had some success as a unit in the recent past.”
The Los Blancos will have their season underway next week when they take on Sevilla FC in the Super Cup match. That match will take place in Cardiff.
Sevilla had become the Europa League Champion last season, but, their squad has been given a new shape this summer with many new faces coming in as well as some old ones including the skipper Ivan Rakitic getting offloaded as well. So, they will have their work cut out against Madrid.
When asked how he rates Sevilla as a team, Ancelotti said, “They have gone through a bit of reshuffling. So, you can’t really say anything about them. As far as we are concerned, we are up for it. Getting a good start to the season is vital.”