The fans are expecting Michael Skibbe to bring as much success

The fans are expecting Michael Skibbe to bring as much success to Greece as his compatriot Otto Rehhagel did.

Rehhagel proved to be one of the best coaches in the history of Greece soccer before quitting in 2010.

He worked with the national side for a period of almost 10 years and unearthed many young talents and not only did he unearth them; but, developed them quite well too.

There would be a lot of Greek players who would say that they owe their careers to that legendary coach.

But, since the time Rehhagel left, the Greek association has struggled to find another one like him.

They have changed quite a few coaches of late and finally, they have now turned to another German hoping that he would settle down with the team and bring some consistency.

Skibbe, the man who is in the thick of things now, also admits that the Greek association’s great experience with Rehhagel might have been responsible for him earning his job as he is a German too.

Speaking to a Greece TV channel, Skibbe said, “Otto definitely brought out the best of the Greek team over a lengthy period of time and although, I would not say it’s the biggest reason behind my appointment, but, it definitely would have prompted them (Greek Association) to go for a German manager again.”

Having seen the team for a while, Skibbe has figured out what are the areas of improvement and is of the view that while the team is capable defence-wise, what needs to be worked upon is their attacking play as it lacks innovation.

In his words, “The backline is quite tight, but, as far as the front play is concerned, we can get a lot better than we currently are.”