Greece is Interested in Roping in Vassi

Greece sees Future of National Side in the highly rated teenager Christian Vassilakis. It has been reported that the Greek Football Federation is trying to snap the star from Real Madrid, Vassilakis who has been in a great form for the Real Madrid juniors in the European Under-19 qualification Elite Round which is going to be held in March. The HFF is attempting to get past the required paperwork to include the 18-year-old striker in the squad of the team. Christian Vassilakis, popularly known as Vassi, qualifies for Greek nationality although he is a Valencia-born forward via his grandfather. This highly rated teenager has bagged around 500 goals in the set – up of Valencia before getting in the Real Madrid last season.

“Many have been trying to get their hands on Vassi, including Atletico Madrid around two years ago“, but they were held back by a ban from FIFA for the signing of players, which left the team with the freedom to put forward their moves. The player has been in one of the best forms for the team, making him the most wanted player by many of the teams he had also hit 9 goals in total despite having to move in and out of the team under Alvaro Benito. In the recent weeks, it has been reported that the HFF has been doing everything they can to nationalize Vassi, although the Spanish Football Federation has not yet given an explanation as to what prevents them from doing the same. Dimitris Vergos had tweeted regarding the same saying the player could mostly make it to the team for the tournament provided the procedures for the Greece arrival is done soon. Greece is going to play strong teams in the form “of Czech Republic, Denmark“, and England in the tournament.