It looks as though Paniliakos' first-team will be having a weekend off, with the games scheduled for this weekend due to be postponed by the league in protest at a new law the government are bringing in.

With the credit crisis hitting the Greeks hard, the government has brought in a tranch of new laws which will make tracking all he money in the game much more transparent, and allow them to ensure that there aren't any dodgy 'pocket transactions'.

The clubs do not see the benefits of the new laws, and see them as simply another way for the government to try and state it's importance, and create meaningless paperwork.

FIFA is on the side of the football clubs, insisting that the football league structure should be completely independent from a country's parliament, and operates without being overseen by the politicians.

All of this has led to the Greek clubs protesting, and cancelling the Feb 25/26 round of games to make sure that everyone knows their displeasure with the new laws.

The game has already had an impact on Greek football, with the Europa League odds of Panathinaikos drifting out because they don't play a match for over two weeks ahead of their big European match against Plzen.

A spokesman for the league said that the government have no authority at the moment, and shouldn't have either. "Football has become a punch bag for the politicians," they told the press. "These are exactly the same people who have led Greece into bankruptcy and international scorn. They cannot deal with the country's problems, and we don't want them to try to deal with ours."

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