Kostas Tsanas unable to explain struggle of Turkey

Greece head coach Kostas Tsanas says that he is struggling to explain the reason for Greece’s neighbours Turkey to struggle a lot when it comes to international football.

Both teams have had contrasting fortunes when it comes to their international results. While Greece have gone to win the likes of the European championships in 2004, Turkey often fail to qualify for major competitions. In recent years, Greece has had only limited success. They almost reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup 2014. While this may seem pale in comparison with the achievements of even smaller nations, Turkey appear to be the biggest underachievers.

Tsanas is someone who has been up against Turkey at various stages in football. He says that Turkey have some of the best facilities for football scene in this part of the world. Yet, he says that the country may have to find luck in order to get beyond the underachieving status. He is aware that every national team goes through a time when it is very difficult to achieve results on a consistent basis.Tsanas was brought in as the new Grace national team coach after the FA decided to sack Claudio Ranieri following a winless run since his appointment after the World Cup.

“Every team periodically runs through occasional slumps in form, however I find it difficult to comprehend why Turkey is falling behind. I have played many games versus Turkey in the youth level. Their players are highly skilled in technique. They have great facilities. You can only succeed with planning. There is much love shown to Gekas in Turkey. I was very touched when I learned that the fans even had their own song for him,” said Tsanas about Turkish football and the impact made by Greek strikerTeofanis Gekas in the Turkish league.